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ParlerSMS provides a simplified framework for developers to bridge incoming SMS with their APIs.

Basic Functions

When ParlerSMS is activated on the phone, all SMSs that are received by the phone are forwarded to your ParlerSMS account. Accounts are verified when "Activate" is tapped and login details are entered in the "Settings" dialogue.

Getting Started

  1. Ensure you have a ParlerSMS account. If not, register here
  2. Configure your ParlerSMS account settings here. Here you can enter your callback URL and enable API replies via SMS.
  3. On the Settings dialogue in the ParlerSMS app, enter your phone number and account details. Phone numbers are collected to prevent accidental reply loops.
  4. Hit activate to enable the ParlerSMS relay.

SMS Logging and Export

ParlerSMS logs received SMSs in a table presented on http://www.parlersms.com/logs/. All SMS initiated by ParlerSMS are also presented here. Users can export replies by clicking the "CSV" or "Excel" buttons.


To relay SMS to an external REST API, users must activate the option "Forward SMS to Endpoint URL." This will open further options to configure. ParlerSMS makes a GET request to your server with parameters shown below.

Endpoint URL

  • This forms the base URL for the POST request. This can include parameters. For example "www.myendpointurl.com?production=1" is acceptable.

SMS Message Parameter

  • This is the SMS message received.

Source Mobile Parameter

  • This is the mobile number which sent the SMS.

An example of ParlerSMSs GET response is: http://mycallbackURL.org?production=1&cell_num=123456789&request=This is the SMS message received.


ParlerSMS can relay API replies as SMS messages back to the original sender. To enable SMS replies, activate "Enable API->SMS Replies." After being called, the Enpoint URL's response is sent as an SMS message back to to the original sender.

Use Cases

Example API Configuration

header('Content-Type: application/json');
// Reads the variables sent from ParlerSMS gateway. 
$cell_num = $_GET['cell_num'];
$request = $_GET['request'];

if ( $request == "" ) {
    //Do Something

Example App Configuration

// Reads the variables sent from ParlerSMS gateway. 
$cell_num = $_GET['cell_num'];
$request = $_GET['request'];

if ( $request == "Home" ) {
    $response = "What would you want to check \n";
    $response .= "1. My Account Balance\n";
    $response .= "2. My Account Number";
    $response = "Your Account Balance is $123";
    $response = "Your Account Number is 8283749";
    $request = "Sorry that input is unrecognized";

header('Content-Type: application/json');
echo $response;


ParlerSMS does not use or transmit any information to third-parties. ParlerSMS only collects SMS sender phone numbers and content for the purposes of providing user logs and content delivery to user-provided HTTP servers.